Twice-Per-Week Anxiety Disorders Program

Beyond Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:
Sky Spectrum Disorders Program

Developed especially for those with:

Spectrum Disorders Program

The Twice-Per-Week Program integrates the best approaches of Anxiety Disorders at a more convenient pace:

The Spectrum Disorders Program is a semi-intensive approach made to accommodate the professionals and busy individuals that are struggling to deal with or maintaining the level of their disorder.

For eight weeks you will work with the staff to achieve freedom from obsessions and compulsions at the Institute and will agree to complete the assigned daily homework assignments. As in the From Fear to Freedom Program, If you come ready to abolish the OCD, your medical team will be ready to work with you and you will achieve steady success.

The program is individually tailored to your specific needs and conditions. You work one-on-one with a highly trained therapist who will guide you and -- when necessary -- drag you through every step of the process. You will be treated, monitored, and taught by a highly motivated and trained team of experts in psychopharmacology, psychiatry, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Four Steps

Step 1: Relabel
Recognize the intrusive thoughts and urges as due to OCD.

Step 2: Reattribute
Realize that the intensity and intrusiveness of the thought or urge is caused by OCD; it is probably due to a biochemical imbalance in the brain. Remember, "it's not me, it's the OCD."

Step 3: Refocus
Work around the OCD thoughts by focussing attention on something else, at least for a few minutes. Do not give in to a compulsion.

Step 4: Revalue
Do not take the OCD thought at face value. It is not significant in itself

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Prolonged Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy

As we train you to identify OCD-related behavior, exposure and response prevention is designed to break up the maladaptive associations between anxiety, obsessions, and the performance of compulsions in an attempt to get relief from the anxiety.

Eight Weeks ... Three Essential Components



Relapse Prevention Program

Developed Exclusively for the Westwood Institute by

Eda Gorbis, PhD, MFCC
Clinical Director
Vice-President, Clinical Advisor & Director of Professional Training
OC & Spectrum Disorders Association

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