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"OCD is a very powerful disease and can change the way you look at life completely. It was torture, misery, fear, and entanglement all in one. I couldn't take a step without ritualizing. I couldn't be called by my own name. I could only say certain words. I was becoming a prisoner to OCD very quickly. I couldn't play or talk to my sisters. I couldn't interact with my pets. I was only able to live in two rooms of my house. I then began to look into treatment programs. I came across a place in California and decided to seek treatment there. After three weeks of treatment my life changed tremendously. I began to become freer and to have more control over my life. I am able to visit with my family, hang out with my friends, go to the movies, and do many things I could never do before. I still often wondered why I ever got selected to have this particular disorder or what I did to disserve this. But that doesn't matter right now. What matters is that I'm a lot better. And I have more control over my life and can be free again."

"My 6-year old daughter went to bed on April 22, 2004 and woke up a different child. She finished the 3-week intensive treatment with Dr. Gorbis of the Westwood Institute for Anxiety Disorders. My daughter's onset was acute, dramatic, and very scary. On May 20, 2004, Dr. Gorbis accurately diagnosed my daughter with OCD (PANDAS). My daughter immediately responded to the treatment. Within 4 days of treatment she scored a 14 on the YBOCS down from her initial scoring of 21. Dr. Gorbis has incredible insight, and dedication to her patients. I believe she feels a genuine bond with those that she treats; therefore creating the much-needed trust for successful outcomes. She was able to precisely create and adjust the treatment to my daughter's problems. The result of the treatment was very successful. On the last day of treatment her score was a 1."

"Our daughter is with you once again, how great we feel about it. She has been looking forward to seeing you. As a mom you know how we want what is best for our children and I know you will take good care of her... you have made a difference in the quality of her life, thank you. She has come a long way with your help, compassion and understanding of OCD."

"...In the fall of 2000, we first saw Dr. Gorbis after seeing several practitioners for help with C.'s obsessive compulsive disorder. At this time, he was hospitalized and began intensive in-patient therapy with Dr. Gorbis. For the first time in years we were able to see where OCD ended and our son began. We had our son back.... Because traditional psychotherapy was no longer working we contacted Dr. Gorbis who graciously agreed to fit C. into her schedule. ...this intense therapy has once again given C. the confidence and tools to control his OCD, rather than it controlling him."

"I have had several occasions to refer patients with very intractable symptoms of obsessive compulsive and post-traumatic stress disorders to Dr. Gorbis with uniformly excellent results. Little did I expect that my adolescent son would some day benefit from her skills! [My son] found her very engaging, in a way that two previous psychotherapists had not been, and has already benefited from her assessment and treatment."

"...our daughter was under the care of Dr. Gorbis this past summer and once again in January. Dr. Gorbis has had a great impact on M. With her help our daughter is leading a productive life. We cannot express how grateful we are to her, helping our daughter and the family through a most difficult time. We are comforted to have her. We cannot imagine what M's life would be without Dr. Gorbis' help."

"I have suffered from OCD for most of my childhood and young adulthood. I have tried various medications and have worked with many different therapists and I have had little success. After attending a three-week session with Dr. Eda Gorbis, I can proudly say that I have control over my life again. When I came to her, I couldn't do many things. I couldn't live a normal life. I was afraid of going blind, going deaf, contamination, and had a fear of dying...I never thought I could manage OCD, but thanks to Dr. Eda Gorbis I can function again. The program was a miracle for me. I can control my OCD, and do anything..."

"One day you told me that overcoming my OCD would be one of the biggest challenges of my life. I know it can never be cured or removed, but I do feel as if I have controlled it. As a result I feel so much confidence in general and just pure joy! My mom and I have stopped fighting, there are no more crying fits. I don't punch walls anymore. School is rather enjoyable and I feel simply content."

"I am finishing my senior year at Oakwood with a 4.0, and am preparing for an AP French test and an AP Art History test. Next fall I'll be attending Tisch School of The Arts for acting at New York University. ...Dr. Gorbis, most importantly you have taught me not to be ashamed or afraid to be myself. I have made so many new friends this last school year. While I am still slightly cautious, I no longer have as great a fear of failing or of not being perfect. Everyday I appreciate something new."

"My daughter, K, has suffered from OCD since she was nine years old...None of the programs would work with children under the age of 18 except for Dr. Eda Gorbis' program out of UCLA...K had instant rapport with Dr. Gorbis. She trusted her and let her lead her through some, for her, terrifying exercises dealing with contamination...If it were anyone but Dr. Gorbis I don't think K would be willing to put herself through therapy...For the first time in a long, time K was able to relax and not worry so much about going blind, or deaf, or dying. Dr. Gorbis and her program have been an answer to our prayers. If it wasn't for her, I don't know where we would be. Since completing that first program in the summer of 2001; K was able to get off her medications..."

"I'm writing this letter to express our great appreciation for Dr. Gorbis' patience, dedication and work with our son. His OCD has once again taken over his life and we are so thankful that we have Dr. Gorbis to help him through."

"Before I came to see you my life was at an all time low. Thank you for giving me peace of mind and my freedom to think without extreme distress like I had the last few years. I am very grateful for everything, and I am thankful everyday that I was able to get treatment from her hands. You are the best OCD doctor ever!"

"Thank you so much for all of your help. Without this program I would still be at home and not at school..."

"Hi, I am back from school at Johns Hopkins University School of Business and Professional Studies. I am trying my best to keep up with everything in school and I try not to think about the fact that I have it."

"Your help has allowed me to be able to act more normal and helped me release the control that OCD had over me. I realize the treatment has opened up a new horizon for me. I am from Thailand and came just for the treatment. My grandparents and parents are still in Thailand."

"I give you thanks for giving our daughter a second chance. You are an angel from heaven sharing your life with those that need you. You were an inspiration to me."

"We realize that this is your job -- to work with OCD. But you go so far beyond anything any other therapist has ever done. You are such a shining star in your field. Before we met you, it seemed that there was no hope for relief from a devastating, mysterious illness -- and R was suffering so greatly. We are eternally grateful for you and for all your efforts. You are a skilled doctor who also has a compassionate heart. R loves you and trusts you. We love you and trust you. We don't know what you do or how you do it. We just know that whatever you do, works."

"Three weeks ago I came to LA not knowing what to expect. I truly believed I desired to be miserable. I thought my OCD was me. I thought I was my OCD, my thoughts and feelings were all entwined like dreadlocks that get worse and worse over time. Your encouragement and dedication means more to me than I can express. I thank you from the bottom of my heart...Thank you Dr. Gorbis for everything. This must be the best thing anyone has ever done for me. Dr. Gorbis, you are an inspiration to me. Your energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and warmth are a true afflatus. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you! You've left footprints in my heart and I will never ever be the same."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in her as we did. I believe we have a new girl -- a girl with the tools she will use for the rest of her life. We knew this would work, but it is only you that could get through to her. Thank you for saving our girl from that terrible prison she was in--the doors are now open."

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Thank you for teaching me how to manage my OCD. Dr. Gorbis, I can sense and feel your genuine care and concern for your OCD patients when I go to your lectures on Thursdays. You remind me of a mother hen on the barnyard spreading out her wings protecting her chicks whenever danger is near. Thank you."

"K is continuing to do very well. He is in school, made the honor roll, has friends and participates in the drama productions, as well as writing for the school newspaper. He and I speak of you constantly, and we can never stop thanking you for saving K's life. All those whose paths cross yours are truly blessed."

"Thank you for taking the time to see S! You are the only person who has been able to give him any relief! He said he is going to be glad to see you!"

"Our daughter J, recently experienced an outstanding week working with both Dr. Eda Gorbis and Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz...J,15, had an acute onset of OCD two years ago as a result of the first strep infection she ever had. Since then, she has worked with excellent doctors and therapists in Chicago, but the ER&P for her thought compulsions...have not been responding to therapy. The symptoms have made even day to day choices of where to walk or sit extremely anxiety producing. We are very pleased with the results. I honestly believe that Drs. Gorbis and Schwartz have an approach which combines existing therapeutic models and goes beyond at the same time. Their suggestions and ways of coping with J's particular thoughts has given J the ability to move forward, to once again take charge and do exposures throughout the day."

"K made very significant progress while working with you and continues to make good use of cognitive and behavioral techniques he learned while in your care. Thank you for the excellent work you did with K."

"I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know that not a day goes by that we don't think of you and thank God for all your patience and skill. I know it was all the hard work, unwavering determination and desire on your part and K's that has given K a new lease on life. He is doing very well and continually comments on what 'a miracle worker' you are...He is free to actually enjoy life. He is doing well in New York. He goes to High School for a few classes, he is home schooled for two and is in the school play. He has made a few friends and is really coming into his own. How can a parent thank you for all of that?"

"I know of no other therapist in the field of OCD therapy anywhere in the United States--and I dare say the world -- who can begin to compare with Dr. Gorbis. Under the care of Dr. Gorbis, our son has found this [OCD] to be a manageable condition that is annoying at times but no longer devastating to him and to his family."

My 18-year-old daughter, E, arrived at Dr. G's door in October 2010 despondent, defeated, barely functional and suicidal. Dr G's evaluation of Ewas unforgettable, not only because it was thorough, taking Eve hours over two consecutive days, but within the first 15 minutes after listening to Dr. Gcomment and elaborate onE's answers to questions, Eand I realized that wehad found a medical professional who understood the very demons Emily had been Hghtingl Sitting on opposite sides of the room, our eyes locked in that moment of recognition. Feelings of immense relief and hope filled my heart. l knew instinctively, after four years of regular visits with therapists and psychiatrists, that the expert before us was going to diagnose E correctly, that we would find the core of E's problems, the source of her agony, no longer only treating symptoms but the disease itself. E placed her complete trust and hope in Dr. G, pleading to be admitted for treatment. Read the rest of E's story here...

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